Bruce Springsteen Calls His Famous Courteney Cox Scene Embarrassing

Bruce Springsteen has influenced many with his music, but his dancing in ‘Dancing In The Dark,’ with Courteney Cox, also inspired a famous dance move. However, Springsteen doesn’t seem keen to discuss his dance moves, as the rocker recently disclosed to Jimmy Fallon why he was embarrassed by the scene.

While talking about his career during a Q&A, Fallon noted that ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ actor Alfonso Ribeiro was inspired by Bruce’s dance moves while doing the Carlton Dance. Fallon asked Springsteen to compare Carlton’s moves to his own to see if there was any resemblance and influence.

“Well…” started Bruce after watching both of the videos. “My dancing is pretty embarrassing, and my kids kill me on that. ‘Dad, you look ridiculous. You look ridiculous,’ you know? So, it’s my New Jersey shuffle, I guess, but that was all I knew. But it definitely does look like it had some influence on the Carlton Dance.”

Although the singer’s children were a bit embarrassed with their father’s funny dance moves, that may be why it was so widely enjoyed. Bruce’s groundbreaking dancing also inspired Ribeiro while creating his character, Carlton’s dance moves. Springsteen might be a talented singer and an avid dancer, but he’s also a good storyteller, as he recently recalled how thousands of locusts swarmed his stage.

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