Bono’s Admittance About U2

Since its debut on the music scene in 1976, U2 has become Dublin’s preeminent rock band. Under the name Feedback, the band debuted in the rock industry by embracing the post-punk subgenre. A year later, they performed their first concert at St. Fintan’s High School. Later, the band changed its name to The Hype. However, the name was not permanent, and in 1978 they adopted “U2.” U2’s subsequent works began to reach a broader audience after this last adjustment. The band achieved its first major success with the release of its fifth studio album, The Joshua Tree, in 1987. Popular albums such as ‘All That You Can’t Leave’ continued their success in the twenty-first century. Even though U2 is now a cult band, Bono has not always been pleased with the name.

Bono Does Not Like U2’s Name . In a previous interview with the Awards Chatter podcast, Bono revealed that U2’s name was not what they were looking for, but it was the least despised of the other suggestions. He mentioned that they adore this name because it conceals the band’s sound and aesthetic, thereby making them mysterious. Regarding this opinion, they felt the name was unique. Bono explained the origin of the band’s name as follows. “Of the suggestions, it wasn’t the one that immediately jumped out as the name we were seeking, but it was the one we disliked the least. The fact that it was not obvious from the name what this band would sound like or be about was one of our favorite aspects. It felt new in that regard.”

In the same conversation, the vocalist added that they were not a fan of this name in the past. Moreover, he admitted that he continues to dislike it. Bono revealed that they initially believed the name would sound more futuristic and cool as U2. However, according to him, it became a “bad pun,” just like the name of the Beatles. The musician reiterated throughout the interview that he dislikes U2’s moniker. Bono’s thoughts on the band’s moniker:

“It was the one we selected, and we didn’t initially adore it. I still don’t. I truly do not. However, I was late to develop dyslexia; I was unaware that the Beatles was a bad pun. If we had considered the implications of the letter and number, we would have imagined a spy plane, a U-boat, and a futuristic object. No, I don’t like that name, as it turned out to imply this kind of compliance. I continue to dislike the name.” Under this moniker, U2 has achieved significant success despite Bono’s dislike. In addition, it has prompted fans around the world to speculate on the name’s true meaning. U2 fans have speculated and analyzed the meaning of the band’s name, despite the fact that the members have not provided a detailed origin story.

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