Blaze Bayley was disappointed when Bruce Dickinson joined Iron Maiden, according to him

In his most recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley recalled the time the band asked him to leave. After their reunion with frontman Bruce Dickinson, the renowned musician expressed his feelings. In 1993, after Dickinson left the band to pursue a solo career, the remaining members had to find a new vocalist. Several vocalists had sent thousands of tapes to join Iron Maiden, but the band ultimately decided to hire Wolfsbane’s Blaze Bayley. Wolfsbane had previously performed as an opening act for them; consequently, they had the opportunity to observe his singing ability and offered him the job.

The only works to which Bayley contributed were ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Virtual XI,’ which he sang on as the new frontman of Iron Maiden. Due to the singer’s vocal issues, the band was forced to cancel several dates during the 1998 Virtual XI Tour. In 1999, Blaze Bayley was asked to leave the band because his performance and their albums fell short of expectations. In his conversation, the musician discussed his meeting with the group’s other members, during which he discovered that they desired to part ways with him. Bayley inquired whether Dickinson would return to the band, and after a moment of silence, they responded affirmatively. Additionally, he stated that it was evident that the band members made this decision while he was still performing with them.

Blaze Bayley recalled the encounter as follows: “They behaved appropriately. Everyone at the table participated in the meeting. “With the utmost regard, everyone is doing this.” It is a major issue. Our apologies. We cannot continue. I asked, “Will Bruce return?” There was a brief period of silence. This decision was made quite some time ago. I had no knowledge of it. They responded, “Yes, he is.” I said, ‘OK.’ There is nothing else we can discuss. I appreciate everything. I will never say anything negative about this band because I was treated so well. I was devastated because I enjoyed it so much. Even though it was difficult to keep your voice at that volume, I still enjoyed it.” Bayley acknowledged that he was disappointed when Dickinson replaced him, but he expressed gratitude to the band for treating him well. Despite the difficulties, the former Iron Maiden singer stated that he will not speak negatively about the band and that he enjoyed being a member.

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  1. Well Bruce was also very kind to Blaze and supported his joining Iron Maiden. With all the bitterness between Steve and Bruce at the time, it was really stand up of Bruce to treat Blaze with the respect he did. They are actually friendly with each other to this day.

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