Axl Rose Had A Certain Way Of Apologizing To His Crew, Ex-Guns N’ Roses Employee Says

Pyrotechnician for Guns N’ Roses, Pyro Pete, recently revealed on the YouTube channel Appetite for Distortion that Axl Rose would take the entire crew out to dinner to apologize for the problems he caused during the concerts. Axl Rose is renowned for his eccentric rock star image and numerous bizarre anecdotes throughout his musical career. Although it may be difficult to believe, the majority of these stories are true, including the random fights he started, arriving hours late for shows or recordings, and leaving the stage during performances. Perhaps Axl Rose took the lead in bizarre scandals that constantly surfaced, but all Guns N’ Roses members demonstrated their violent nature in their own way. Given the singer’s erratic behavior toward his crew, internal conflicts within the group were also inevitable. According to the band’s pyrotechnician Pyro Pete, however, Rose had apparently found a way to make amends.

Pete stated in a recent conversation that Axl Rose was acutely aware of the issues and complications he caused for everyone. As a result, he would occasionally host dinners as an apology. During these dinners, the singer would take care of everyone on the crew. He would greet them, engage in brief conversations, and express appreciation for their hard work. Pyro Pete stated that it was simply his nature. Then, as showtime approached, he would once again become the same troublemaker, despite being pleasant during soundcheck. Pyro Pete on Axl Rose’s method of apologizing to his bandmates:

“There were a few other instances in which… It was similar to Axl’s way of apologizing, as he probably knew, “Oh, man, I made everyone stay late five times in a row, and it rained heavily that night.” Let’s do dinner.’ Then, there would be a note on production that says, “Hey, Axl will pay for dinner next week.” On our day off, we will all be out and about. Fantastic. Even so, he would greet everyone, move from table to table, and say, “Hey, thanks for your hard work.” Therefore, it is interactions like this that matter. Simply recalling someone’s name, waving at someone, and saying hello. You must also realize that right before a performance, people are in a zone; they assume a persona; give him that. But again, during soundcheck and other daytime activities, I was just being a guy.” The video of the interview can be viewed below.

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