Axl Rose And Justin Timberlake’s Common Stalker

The benefits fame might bring could be absolutely glorious. Successful musicians are often granted access to luxurious life and receive unending love from their devoted fanbase. However, some people may overstep their boundaries due to their admiration for the musician, which can lead to nightmarish incidents.

From Pearl Jam’s concert tragedy in Denmark to John Lennon’s problematic relationship with his son Julian, the dark side of fame could result in various unfortunate incidents. After all, musicians are constantly under the spotlight, and they cannot really get away from the prying eyes.

In some cases, those prying eyes might belong to an obsessed fan. Even though musicians enjoy meeting with their audience most of the time, some ‘adoring’ fans might take it too far. It could be said that GN’R frontman Axl Rose and singer Justin Timberlake had their fair share of fan mania, leaving them no choice but to look for legal solutions.

Who Was Obsessed With Justin Timberlake And Axl Rose?

Erotomania was and is a serious mental health issue. Medical professionals describe the condition as a ‘delusional state’ where the erotomaniac might have the wrong impression that another individual is secretly in love with them. The other individual, of course, is a celebrity figure in most cases.

A person suffering from erotomania might also believe that their ‘lover’ frequently communicates with them through secret messages. This condition might lead to dangerous incidents or desperate confrontations. After all, facing the harsh consequences is inevitable.

Karen McNeil tried to delay facing this harsh reality as much as she could. In the late ’90s, it was reported that she was suffering from the fantasy of being married to Axl Rose. She first came into the rocker’s life in the mid to late ’90s when Rose’s fame was quite prominent. McNeil believed she could telepathically communicate with the musician and tried to approach him various times.

She would frequently show up at Axl’s residence in Malibu and even try to break in. It was later revealed in the official court documents that McNeil was charged with breaking into the musician’s house twice. Axl had managed to get a restraining order against Karen, yet, it was to no avail. In the end, however, People Magazine reported in 1997 that Karen McNeil was sentenced to one year in prison by a Malibu judge.

People’s report the stalking of McNeil and her sentence with the following:

“A woman accused of stalking Axl Rose and who violated a 1997 court order to stay away from the Guns N’ Roses singer has been sentenced to jail for a year by a Malibu judge. Karen McNeil, a 39-year-old Ohio resident, tried to enter Rose’s Malibu home on May 16, according to court testimony. She has faced the same charge twice before and had been ordered to stay at least 300 yards away from Rose.”

One might think that the legal action Rose took against her, and the year she was in prison had helped Karen face the reality of the situation. Yet, mental health problems, unfortunately, don’t disappear with legal charges or restraining orders. McNeil resurfaced with another obsession a decade later.

This time, her secret lover wasn’t the GN’R frontman; it was Justin Timberlake. The singer was granted a temporary restraining order against McNeil in 2009 after she showed up at Timberlake’s place with all her belongings. It was apparent that she wanted to move with her ‘husband.’

After the incident, Timberlake took this harassment to court, and the judge ruled a three-year restraining order against Karen McNeil. However, McNeil still didn’t accept that she was breaking into the singer’s house. She explained after the court hearings that she believed the allegations were all lies and that she was let into Justin’s property.

McNeil’s statement regarding breaking into the musicians’ property:

“That was all lies. I did not break into Justin’s house. I was let on the property.”

Despite the legal actions the two musicians took against her, McNeil still believed that she was destined to be with them. Perhaps, we might fault her for causing such a problem, or we might recognize the serious mental health issue which lay beneath her expression of ‘love.’

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