Arnold Schwarzenegger was caught on camera breaking into a car while filming Terminator

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was determined to make the original film in the TERMINATOR science-fiction franchise as good as possible. This included breaking the law, prompting the police to arrive.  On Saturday, July 23, 2022, during the weekend, Terminator: Dark Fate debuted on ITV. The film is the sixth installment in the franchise and a direct continuation of the first two films, The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. While the budget for Dark Fate was nearly $200 million, the budget for the original Terminator was only $6 million. This lack of funds necessitated certain choices. Arnold Schwarzenegger portrayed The Terminator in both films, which were released decades apart.

While promoting Dark Fate in 2019, he spoke candidly about his involvement with the original Terminator film.  The former American governor recalled that director James Cameron asked him to break the law in order to make the film as good as possible. On a talk show, he recalled, “It was a low-budget, independent film with a $6.5 million budget, and we had to film certain scenes in Hollywood without permits.” Schwarzenegger said: “I recall a time when I exited the vehicle and was instructed to “go across Sunset Boulevard and punch the window of the car.” We need the vaccine.”

Linda Hamilton, who portrayed Sarah Connor in the original film, confirmed that it was not in the original script.  She revealed, “We didn’t even own the automobile.”  Schwarzenegger continued, “I then walked across the street while resembling Terminator, looked around, punched through the window, and reached inside.”  The situation subsequently deteriorated, however. Then the police showed up, according to Hamilton.  They did not disclose whether anyone was arrested or charged, so it appears the filmmakers escaped punishment.  Schwarzenegger simply shrugged it off. He added, “This is how the first film was shot.” Cameron has confirmed these claims, stating that he utilized “guerrilla filmmaking” techniques to create the film. Cameron and his crew would arrive at a location, film several scenes, and then leave before the police arrived. Schwarzenegger also exerted considerable effort to best embody The Terminator. He practiced stripping and reloading weapons in a structured, robotic manner using real firearms daily.

Prior to being cast as the killing machine, he desired to portray Kyle Reese. Michael Biehn eventually portrayed Reese, but long before that Schwarzenegger met with Cameron to discuss playing the time-traveling freedom fighter. “It was a complete coincidence,” said Schwarzenegger. “Since I didn’t even audition for Terminator. I was attempting to portray Kyle Reese, and during lunch with the film’s director, James Cameron, I could not stop talking about the Terminator.”  Schwarzenegger continued: “I said, “Remember, it doesn’t matter; I know you’ve probably already hired OJ Simpson… To be clear, however, whoever is playing it must train himself to disassemble and reassemble weapons, as well as shoot and load weapons while blindfolded. Completely blindfolded, as a Terminator can never look at his hand to see what he is doing. Since he is a machine.”

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