Arnold Schwarzenegger dodged attack from Sylvester Stallone in ‘violent’ feud

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER had a rage-filled dispute with Sylvester Stallone, a fellow action film star. During the awards ceremony, the Rocky star even threw a bowl at him. This situation resulted in Stallone assaulting an Arnie lookalike. Later, Arnie exacted his revenge by tricking Stallone into accepting a terrible film. Saturday, July 30, 2022 marks the 75th birthday of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Over the years, the legendary Austrian-American actor, bodybuilder, and former member of government has starred in a number of incredibly memorable films, including The Terminator, Predator, and The Expendables, among others.

However, the star has not always been adored by all. In the 1970s, when Arnie was just beginning his career in Hollywood, he made an enemy in Sylvester Stallone. In 1977, the Rocky actor had just debuted as the legendary boxer when he attended the Golden Globes ceremony.  Rocky was predicted to win a number of awards at the ceremony, so Sylvester was eager to take home some hardware himself. However, this did not occur.  Rocky consistently lost to other films. And Arnie, who was seated opposite him, delighted in Sylvester’s defeat. He even started poking fun at Sylvester for his losses.  Sylvester reflected on: “I must know, who is this large man? And he’s bragging and bragging about Rocky’s loss.”

Eventually, Rocky began to receive awards. “Finally,” Sylvester said. “Rocky’s time has come.” Then, things became unpleasant. At the ceremony, Rocky won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture. In a fit of rage and excitement, Sylvester grabbed the first thing he saw and threw it directly at Arnie.  “I was able to acquire this enormous bowl of flowers,” Sylvester recalled. “Then threw it in his direction. There were lilies and tulips… It initiated a ten-year war to the death. Then I thought, “The gauntlet is thrown down.””  Arnie appeared to avoid the assault, but it was this aggressive action that sparked a decades-long feud between the two tough guys.  Sylvester characterized their relationship as “violent hatred” and remarked that they “could not exist in the same galaxy together.”

They even made fun of each other in their films. In the movie Twins, Arnie’s character makes fun of a Rambow poster. In Sylvester’s film Tango & Cash, an Arnie lookalike was beaten by Sylvester.  During filming, he even admitted he “imagined it was Arnold.”  They even attempted to steal each other’s movie roles.  However, Arnie had the last laugh in this matter. In 1992, Arnie received the script for “Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot!” He remembered thinking it was “a piece of crap.”  At the time, he told Jimmy Fallon, “I tell myself, ‘I’m not doing this movie.'”  After rejecting it, the film producers approached Sylvester, who then contacted Arnie for his opinion.  Sylvester questioned Arnie, “Have they ever approached you about this film?”

Arnie replied: “Yes, I was considering doing it. This film has a truly brilliant concept.” Sylvester did not want Arnie to receive another film role over him, so he fought hard to secure the part after Arnie withdrew.  The film grossed a meager $70 million at the box office, failing miserably at the box office.  Sylvester recalled Arnie’s ruse: “I was trying to get even with Arnold when I heard he was going to do [the film], and he said, ‘Haha, tricked you!’  The pair did reconcile, however. “Now, we recognize that we are the same person,” Sylvester admitted later. “We’re great friends.”  Since then, they’ve co-starred in three films: The Expendables 2, The Expendables 3, and Escape Plan.

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