Amy Lee asserts that Evanescence improved after the release of their debut album, Fallen

In the final installment of Revolver’s ‘Point of Entry’ series, Amy Lee of Evanescence discussed their debut album and selected a standout track from their entire discography. As most bands did, Evanescence focused on writing and producing a new album despite the restrictions imposed by the global pandemic. The band’s fifth album, titled “The Bitter Truth,” was released on March 26, 2021. This album was a tremendous commercial success for the band, reaching number one on the Billboard Hard Rock charts. To promote the album, they were preparing to embark on the “World Collide Tour.” However, the scheduled dates had to be postponed because the pandemic kept getting ahead of large crowds. After their tour was postponed, they embarked on a successful co-tour with Halestorm.

Amy Lee responded that she would choose a track from the band’s most recent album, ‘The Bitter Truth,’ when asked to choose her favorite song from Evanescence’s entire catalog. She further explained that their debut album, ‘Fallen,’ was not their best work, and that they improved after its release. Lee discussed “Broken Pieces Shine,” the first track on their most recent album. She remarked that the song represents similar individuals who have endured life’s challenges despite their differences. Amy Lee’s thoughts on the improvement of Evanescence’s sound since their debut album:

“It wouldn’t be from the debut record. I believe we improved after that. It seems odd to choose a song from our new album, The Bitter Truth, but I believe I would. I believe it would be the opening track from the new album, “Broken Pieces Shine.” I believe that captures something thematically and lyrically representative of us. There is something about being the ones who are different, broken, and who have been through something. This is our population.” Below, you can listen to “Broken Pieces Shine.”

<iframe width=”696″ height=”391″ src=”” title=”Evanescence – Broken Pieces Shine (Official Audio)” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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