Amber Heard lives in Mallorca with a false identity and in a house of a politician sentenced to prison

On June 1, the jury of the media trial that faced Johnny Depp (59 years old) and Amber Heard (36) for six weeks at the Fairfax court in Virginia, issued its verdict. It concluded that both had defamed the other, but the harshest sentence was for the actress, who was sentenced to pay 15 million dollars to the actor; while he only had to face compensation of 2 million. This first day of June was one of the hardest for the interpreter of Aquaman who then spoke on her networks lamenting that “the mountain of evidence” against Depp was useless and “steps back” were taken in the protection of women . This manifesto is still the lastpost that appears on Amber’s Instagram, since that day she has not appeared publicly again .

Heard currently takes refuge far away from the United States, in a small town of about 1,000 inhabitants where she goes unnoticed and is not chased by clouds of photographers. The actress is living in Costitx , an inland town in the Balearic Islands. This has been revealed by Dario de Mallorca , a medium that provides some images of Amber walking through humble destiny and being seen with her daughter, Oonagh (1), in a playground.

The actress enjoys anonymity in the streets of the Balearic Islands, because in addition, she does not even use her real name, already known worldwide -because her controversial legal encounter with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, there is no international media that has not picked it up-, so uses a false identity. She calls herself Martha Jane Canary .

The most curious thing about the name she has chosen is that it is not invented, since it belongs to a famous American explorer and border defender, who two centuries ago was considered a heroine of two centuries ago for her fighter against the American aboriginal Indians. This choice of identity could be a very thoughtful matter on Amber’s part and a clear indirection to her now ex, Johnny, who has always presumed that her family originally comes from Native American tribes, precisely those who were stopped by the Canary scout.

With this new name and with the peace that is breathed in this part of the Majorcan island, the actress has recovered her long-awaited calm, and far from feeling alone, she is accompanied by those she loves most. Next to her are her little girl Oonagh Paige, who came into the world on April 8, 2021 through surrogacy, and her girlfriend, Bianca Butti , a prestigious director of photography with whom she began a romantic relationship more than two years old

Costitx is a place already known to Heard, since last winter he was already seen on its streets. Amber lives installed in a house owned by the family of the ex-politician Maria Antònia Munar , a famous public figure who was for 28 years mayor of the town where the Hollywood actress now does her day-to-day and who rose to the highest Balearic power.

She spent almost three decades in the Costitx town hall, she was also the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Balearic Islands until 1995, after which she was president of the Insular Council of Mallorca for 12 years and finally reached the final step by becoming president of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands , until 2010.

However, his story is much better known for all the shadows he possesses . His mandate as leader of the Consell was plagued by irregularities and corrupt actions , already proven in court. His party, Unió Mallorquina, carried out all kinds of gossip to make a profit and achieve an increasingly relevant position. They offered 80 euros per vote, they hired friendly companies that they irrigated with funds from the Council, profits were distributed among the members, and they signed dubious contracts to hold events and contests that served to expand their power.

At the top of the plot, controlling every step and every step made was Munar, nicknamed ‘Sa Princesa’ for her power in the islands. She was the biggest beneficiary of this corruption, to the point that she did not hide and wore luxury clothes, squandered at parties and was seen shopping in the most expensive boutiques in Palma de Mallorca.

Her network fell in February 2010, when she was forced to resign after her successor Miquel Nadal accused her of irregularities in the purchase of the Video U production company, as she assured that she handed him 300,000 euros in cash , in a “meeting ” which occurred inside the official car of the then almighty Munar.

The then president of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands went from enriching herself and rubbing shoulders with the upper echelons, among which was the Spanish Royal Family itself due to its links with Mallorca, to experiencing an unstoppable fall due to accusations of corruption. However, far from showing her most humble face, the ex-politician starred in famous anecdotes in several of her arrivals at the Court to testify before the judge. She blew kisses to her followers crowded around her at the doors of the center and she was delighted to receive the support of her own, “from here to Hollywood” , she came to express herself in one of these judicial appointments.

It seems that the presence of Amber Heard in one of the homes of a relative is the closest that Munar is going to be to the mecca of cinema. After being sentenced to 14 years in prison, she entered the Palma prison on July 24, 2013 , and after spending seven years in the shadows, in 2020 she obtained the third degree after paying almost one million euros.


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