Allan Clarke Reveals He And Graham Nash Weren’t Credited In Beatles’ ‘Misery’

In a recent interview with VintageRock Pod, the Hollies‘ former lead vocal, Allan Clarke, talked about different points of his life and career. The musician revealed how he and Graham Nash contributed to one of the Beatles‘ songs.

The creation process of ‘Misery,’ which was released as a part of the Beatles’ debut album in 1963, started backstage at a performance in Stoke-on-Trent. The founders of the Hollies, Graham Nash and Allan Clarke were apparently there to be a helping hand for Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

In the interview, Clarke explained that they shared the dressing room with the Beatles before the show. As they were waiting and expecting to have small talk with the members, McCartney and Lennon started working on their new song and included him and Nash in the process. The musician jokingly indicated that although their contribution was not drastic, he had been waiting for a contract ever since.

Clarke recalled the memory as follows:

“I remember in Stoke-on-Trent; we were on the bill with the Beatles. And we were in the same dressing room because there was only one dressing room. Of course, you know with ‘How are you doing?’ ‘What songs are you doing?’ Because we do want to repeat, that’s usually what would happen. I remember being there, and the two guys, Paul and John, got the guitars out and started strumming about, starting to write a song. They said, ‘Come over and help us write this song.’ So, Graham and I went over there, and we put a word in there and a little change there. Not too much, not too drastic or anything like that. And they said, ‘Alright, thanks for that.’ I’m still waiting for the contract to arrive, which never did. That song was ‘Misery.’”

It appears that Allan Clarke and Graham Nash had a bit of touch on the Beatles’ debut album, although their contribution was not significant. The two were not credited for ‘Misery,’ but Clarke still holds out hope for a contract.

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