Alex Van Halen, according to Gary Cherone, has the final word on the Eddie Van Halen tribute show

During a recent interview on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Extreme frontman and former Van Halen vocalist Gary Cherone stated that Alex Van Halen will decide whether an Eddie Van Halen tribute tour will occur. A potential Van Halen tribute tour has been a topic of conversation for some time. First articulated by Jason Newsted in an interview with The Palm Beach Post, the mere possibility of this event made a profound impression on the media. The bassist disclosed that he spoke with Alex Van Halen and Joe Satriani and jammed with them, but he declined to join the band because he could never do justice to their legacy.

In response to the bassist’s assertions, Joe Satriani acknowledged that he had also spoken with Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth, but nothing was certain. The guitarist stated that he was willing to accept this challenge, despite the fact that it sounded quite difficult. Then, DLR took the stage and proposed that each position on the tour be filled by two individuals. Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony stated that everything depended on Alex Van Halen, but he was uncertain as to whether the drummer felt ready for a possible tour.

Gary Cherone, a former member of Van Halen, also discussed this trending topic in a recent discussion. The singer stated that he would gladly attend such a significant occasion if he were invited. As it would be a tribute to Eddie Van Halen, Cherone believes that the guitarists are more important than the singers. Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are the first names that come to his mind. In addition, the musician emphasized that Alex Van Halen is ultimately responsible for everything. He will make the final determination regarding whether a tribute tour will occur. Gary Cherone on the potential Eddie Van Halen tribute tour:

“I believe singers are incidental. This is a tribute to Eddie Van Halen, so all of the musicians performing are Eddie’s disciples. Or whatever, you think of Vai and Satriani when you think of the guitar playing hierarchy, not Eddie’s disciples. Alex, I believe, will have the final say on whether or not he will participate in the activity. If this occurs, it will be fantastic!”

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