March 2023


Sharon Osbourne recently sat down with Talk TV to share some thrilling news for fans of her husband, rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. After retiring from touring in early 2023, the Prince of Darkness has decided to make a grand comeback to the stage. The interview with Talk TV delved into the details of the upcoming live event, which is shaping up to be an incredible night of rock music.

Although he did not entirely quit music and left an open door for future possibilities, Ozzy Osbourne’s recent retirement from touring left many fans disheartened, but the announcement of his return has rekindled their enthusiasm. Sharon Osbourne, who has managed her husband’s career for decades, divulged the latest information on Ozzy’s health and his forthcoming performance after her last explanation on the probability of her husband’s comeback to the stage. She revealed that the rock icon has made remarkable progress and is eager to rock once again.

In the Talk TV interview, Sharon Osbourne discussed her husband’s well-being, his anticipated return to the stage, and the extraordinary lineup of bands set to perform with Ozzy. The event is slated for October 6th in America and will be held at the renowned Coachella site, featuring a breathtaking lineup of rock legends like Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, and AC/DC.

Sharon shared the exciting news, saying:

“He’s good. He’s doing so much better. I think I told you about it the other night, but now it’s been announced, we can talk about it. He’s doing a show [on] October 6th in America. It’s at the Coachella site. It’s gonna be a great show: Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Ozzy…”

During the interview, Sharon and Talk TV host Piers Morgan further highlighted Ozzy’s eagerness to return to performing. Osbourne responded to Morgan’s remark referring to Ozzy’s enthusiasm for his music with reassuring confidence.

Referring to the upcoming concert, Morgan stated:

“The rocker is still rocking.”

Sharon confidently expressed:

“He never stopped [rocking]. He’s back.”

The forthcoming live event is sure to be an unforgettable experience for rock fans across the globe. Ozzy Osbourne’s grand return to the stage, accompanied by an impressive roster of rock legends, guarantees a historic night. As Sharon Osbourne proudly declares, ‘He’s back,’ it’s evident that the Prince of Darkness is more than ready to rock once more.

Pink Floyd recently announced an unexpected event for cult fans who would wish to take part in ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’s 50th-anniversary celebrations through the band’s official Twitter account.

The act has been celebrating the 50th anniversary of their ever-iconic album, and all their official social media accounts have changed their profile pictures into the classic light hue that Pink Floyd fans are all too familiar with. However, it seemed that the celebrations didn’t only consist of a few ‘DSOTM’ themed profile pictures or releasing customed vinyl.

The now Gilmour-Mason-led band’s official Twitter account invited all curious fans to participate in an exclusive listening session for ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon,’ given they are in Australia. The tweet stated there would be a once-in-a-lifetime listening event in mid-April, during a rare solar eclipse that will be only seen from the country, and eight lucky fans would also visit an undisclosed special location.

Pink Floyd’s tweet follows:

“Just announced is a once-in-a-lifetime, total solar eclipse ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ listening event, taking place in Australia on April 20th. There’s also the opportunity for 8 Australian fans to visit a special location for the event. Full details at Pink Floyd’s official website.”

So, the exclusive event the cult act invited all their fans into will be a celebratory listening session of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon,’ but the generous offer only includes their Australian audience. So, if you’re an Australian or visiting the country, you can join Pink Floyd and, perhaps, be one of the eight lucky fans who will get to see a special location.

In a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show, Billy Corgan, frontman of the Smashing Pumpkins, opened up about his friendship with Lisa Marie Presley and his regret for not helping her music career take off. The pair, who had known each other for years, bonded over their shared love of music and their unique experiences navigating the industry.

Corgan and Presley’s friendship began in the late ’90s, with the two quickly becoming close due to their passion for music and songwriting. As Corgan recalled, Presley sought his help in her music career, but he didn’t offer as much assistance as he could have. This revelation has led to some feelings of regret, as he believes she had great potential.

During the interview, Corgan provided some insight into the missed opportunities and what he wishes he had done differently. He explained that at the time, he was preoccupied with his own career, which led him to not fully invest in helping Presley.

Reflecting on their friendship, Corgan shared:

“The confusion on that is – I think she wanted me to do more, and I was busy, and we were friends. So, I did do some work, but looking back, I wish I’d sort of taken more possession of it because she never really got her music thing off the ground. She was actually really talented, and it’s a shame if you get a chance to hear her voice – she inherited a lot of her father’s great depth and voice, and it’s a shame that she didn’t make more music.

She was awesome. It’s a tough one. That was really hard for me because she was one of a kind person. The world really didn’t know her because – of course, they always know her as Elvis’ daughter, but she was a really, really cool, unique person.”

Corgan went on to discuss the conversations he had with Presley about her father, Elvis Presley, and the fond memories she shared. He mentioned how he got to know Elvis through Lisa Marie’s perspective.

He recounted:

“We talked about her father a lot. She had very fond memories of her father. I think she was seven or eight when he passed, so she did remember him, and she had really glowing things to say about her father. I got to know her father through her in a way that I’ve never seen in public. I got this first front row seat of what Elvis the person was like, and if you know what Elvis the person was like from her perspective, Elvis is even more amazing than he already is. It’s kind of crazy, but he was really a unique person.”

Billy Corgan’s candid interview sheds light on the potential Lisa Marie Presley had as a musician and the regret he feels for not playing a bigger role in her career. It also offers a rare glimpse into the personal lives of both Presley and Corgan, reminding us that even those in the public eye have unique friendships and stories to tell.

Rock n’ roll rebels, listen up! Today, we’re talking about one of the most iconic musicians of our time: Bruce Springsteen. The Boss, as he’s affectionately known, has been belting out heartland rock for over four decades, and his music has touched the souls of millions around the world. From his soaring anthems to his poignant ballads, Springsteen has been a constant force in the music industry, but his path to fame hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

His breakthrough album ‘Born to Run’ catapulted Springsteen to stardom, and he quickly became known for his electrifying live shows and his ability to capture the hopes and dreams of working-class Americans through his music. But with fame came controversy, and Springsteen’s journey hasn’t always been without its bumps in the road. Over the years, he’s faced criticism for everything from his political views to his ticket prices. So, sit back, turn up the volume, and get ready to dive into the five controversies that have impacted Bruce Springsteen’s fame.

1. Change In Themes

Springsteen’s early albums were primarily focused on romantic and emotional issues, but his later records inclined towards more national and political problems. This change in themes was most evident in his album’ Darkness on the Edge of Town,’ which marked a turning point in his career. The songs on the album reflected Springsteen’s growing intellectual and political awareness, with lyrics that addressed working-class life and national issues. With the following albums, ‘The River,’ ‘Nebraska,’ and ‘Born in the U.S.A.,’ his political engagement started to become more visible.

2. Offending Republicans

In the early 2000s, Springsteen’s commitment to social and political issues led him to campaign for John Kerry in his bid for the presidency against George W. Bush. This move caused a backlash from his Republican fans, who felt that he should stick to his music and stay out of politics. Springsteen’s dabbling in politics and social issues over the years has turned off many fans who did not share his political beliefs.

3. Nepotism

Following the death of Clarence Clemons, the E Street Band’s saxophonist and founding member, Springsteen chose Jake Clemons (Clarence’s nephew) to replace him. Some criticized the decision, calling it nepotism. Despite the initial backlash, Jake proved to be an accomplished musician in his own right and filled the Big Man-sized hole left by his uncle. Besides him, the rocker’s wife, Patti Scialfa, sings backup vocals and bangs on a tambourine for him, leading some fans to call it nepotism again.

4. Ticketmaster Controversy And High Ticket Prices

Springsteen has always made it easier for his fans to attend his concerts, but he received backlash in recent months for increasing ticket prices, with some tickets selling for as much as $5,000. Springsteen defended the prices, saying that he charged a little less than what everyone else was doing. However, the move sparked outrage among fans, with some feeling disenchanted and calling for reform.

5. Some Of His Songs Are Creepy: ‘I’m on Fire’


Depeche Mode frontman, Dave Gahan, recently expressed his fears over the band’s hectic touring schedule during an appearance on Absolute Radio. Gahan admitted feeling terrified when he was shown the full schedule for the band’s ongoing world tour, with over 40 shows announced for September, October, and November alone.

The band began their 2023 world tour on March 23 in Sacramento, California, delivering a 23-track performance at the Golden 1 Center arena. The synth-pop duo opened the concert with ‘My Cosmos Is Mine’ from their new album ‘Memento Mori.’ The band is currently touring the U.S. with a limited series of North American dates before heading back to Europe for a summer stadium tour. This marks Depeche Mode’s first tour as a duo, following the untimely death of founding member Andy Fletcher in May 2022.

Gahan’s fear and anxiety about the tour come from the overwhelming schedule that lies ahead of them. He mentioned that he avoids looking at the complete list of shows and prefers to take it one step at a time. The realization that the two blank dates in their itinerary could mean either a day of travel or a much-needed day off also contributes to his trepidation.

Despite his fears, the singer remains committed to delivering electrifying performances to their fans across the globe. Depeche Mode’s dedication to their music and their audience is evident in their decision to continue touring even after the loss of Fletcher. Their resilience and determination to keep his memory alive through their performances is a testament to the band’s strong bond and love for their craft.

Dave Gahan’s words on their busy schedule:

“I think we’re doing a short little North American tour that kicks off the record, first shows coming up. Then in September, October, and November, I think they just announced another sort of 40 shows.”

When asked if he felt scared about all that list of stuff, the frontman replied:

“I’m terrified. I don’t like opening the whole sheets up. I say, ‘What’s that one underneath there?’ They show me the first sheet, and I’m like, ‘What’s that [underneath]?’ ‘No, no, you don’t want to look at it; you don’t need to look at that right now.’ When we see the two blank dates, that’s important because one of those blank dates is flying somewhere, and the next that blank date hopefully is a day off.”

As the band ventures on this emotional and physically demanding world tour, it is clear that Depeche Mode is determined to make every show a memorable experience for their fans. Dave Gahan’s candid admission of his fears surrounding the tour adds a relatable and human touch to their extraordinary journey. As they continue to perform across the world, the duo’s passion and dedication will undoubtedly ensure that Depeche Mode’s legacy continues to thrive.

Former Iron Maiden lead singer, Paul Di’Anno, has recently spoken out about his past struggles with health and finances, revealing that he is owed millions in royalties. In a new interview with Mexico’s MB Live, Di’Anno was asked if he still receives royalties for his recordings with Iron Maiden and other post-Iron Maiden projects.

Di’Anno’s health issues have been an ongoing battle for the singer in recent years, and that led him to undergo multiple surgeries and treatments, which have reportedly cost him a significant amount of money. However, the former Iron Maiden singer revealed that the band helped cover the costs of his knee surgery, which he underwent in Croatia last September.

Despite receiving royalties, Di’Anno claimed he is still owed millions, as he has been the victim of people illegally selling his music without his permission. The singer expressed his gratitude to Sony Records and Warner Brothers for their support in reclaiming all his years of hard work.

Although it was reported before that the singer was paid out by former manager Rod Stewart and wasn’t receiving royalties for his recordings, during the interview, Di’Anno confirmed that he gets royalties and the deal he signed with Sony Publishing will help reclaim all of his lost earnings.

Paul Di’Anno’s words about his knee surgery and royalties for his recordings read:

“The last part of it they did, because I ran of money. [Laughs] It’s been very expensive. Because when I first got sick, I had to get med evacuated from Argentina, which cost me a lot of money because I had to [be transported] in a private medical plane and all that stuff back. When I arrived in England, I only had 45 minutes to live with sepsis. So they pumped me full of antibiotics. I spent eight months in the hospital. So the last bit of the treatment, the band was really cool — they paid for the last couple of months’ worth of treatments, which was good. I’ll be forever grateful for that.”

He added:

“Yeah. I still get royalties. I’ve just signed a deal with Sony Publishing, so they’re getting all my royalties back to me now. I mean, I’m owed f*cking millions. I won’t have to worry about all that because people keep ripping me off. All these assholes are coming out with different… There have been about four different Battlezone CDs coming out in different formats and vinyl and stuff. I don’t see any of that money. But now we will, ’cause we’ve got Sony Records and Warner Brothers behind us, which is great.”

The former Iron Maiden lead singer’s revelation about being owed millions in royalties highlights the importance of protecting artists’ intellectual property and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work. As for Di’Anno, he can now look forward to a brighter financial future with the support of Sony Publishing and Warner Brothers behind him.

Two decades have now passed since Linkin Park were considered one of the biggest bands on the planet. Mike Shinoda has been preparing for a 20th-anniversary edition of the Meteora album to be released and has claimed that he is now old enough that his children’s friends express their surprise when they discover his musical history.

Shinoda said: “The reactions are hysterical. I think we gradually got comfortable with being elder statesmen. But I’m really grateful for the respect that the band is enjoying from younger people, whether it’s fans or people who are making music.”

The album features a handful of previously unreleased demos that have sat in the Linkin Park vault for nearly two decades. The first of those is ‘Lost’, which features some of Chester Bennington’s most intimate and passionate vocals ever laid down on track. Discussing the impact of finding the track again, Shinoda said, “Everything came back. That was that day. That was that thing. I remembered us having this conversation about which songs should make the cut.”

The song was completed in 2003 but was left off the final version of the album as it was felt that it was too similar to the iconic ‘Numb’. Linkin Park’s guitarist, Brad Delson, said of ‘Lost’, “The performance is so beautiful, delicate and clear. I’ve heard a lot of great Chester vocals, and this is among the best.”

The re-release of Meteora also has two other almost-completed songs ‘Fighting Myself’ and ‘More the Victim’. Discussing the three previously unreleased tracks, Shinoda added, “I really wanted to keep it true to the initial intention, because I didn’t want to taint this time warp. What I love about the three new songs is that all of them represent a different facet of the band, as it was in 2003.”

Throughout Metallica’s history, chaos has never been too far away. Most bands would have buckled under the adversity they’ve faced, but somehow, Metallica found a way to carry on. On one occasion, tensions got too heated during a concert, and James Hetfield unloaded his anger on Lars Ulrich.

At the time, Metallica was yet to become the stadium-conquering rockers they are today and was still at the beginning of their journey. Thankfully, they managed to have this disagreement in a private setting, as the embarrassment of the fight occurring in front of their fans could have been calamitous for Metallica. Although word of the altercation spread, it only added to their reputation as hell-raisers and made them appear even more dangerous.

The incident took place at one of their earliest shows, and for the first time in their career, Metallica were given the rockstar treatment by their fans. Despite only being a band for a matter of months, the crowd at The Troubadour in Los Angeles were in complete awe of what they were witnessing and demanded an encore.

As this had never happened before, Metallica were unsure of what they would play next. On The Howard Stern Show, Ulrich reminisced about the infamous show while Hetfield stood sheepishly next to him and awkwardly laughed at the violent actions of his younger self.

Ulrich explained: “We were playing, I think just down the street from here. I think it was the Troubadour. It was the first show where we ever, at least in our minds, received an encore. We were six, nine months into our career, and we got an encore. So we’re standing off stage discussing what song to play, and let’s just say there was a difference of opinion, so I suggested a song that started with drums”.

“When we came off, I got a slight punch in the stomach. I did stand up for the rest of the night,” Ulrich said, downplaying the attack. “For balance, I will say that throughout the rest of the ’80s, James helped me in many situations. I had a little bit of a big mouth and could definitely throw they best smart ass comments back to people.”

He added: “There were a couple of times when the beer and the good times were flowing where I would say the wrong things to the wrong people. But still, they were really funny and 30 years later, and as soundbites, illicit chuckles when you tell the stories. But James was there as my big brother.”

Although Hetfield used anger to vehicle his frustration on that evening, Ulrich holds no resentment towards him and admits it was a deserved punch. Judging from his remarks to Stern, Hetfield saved the drummer from getting beaten up far more times than he dished out violence upon him.

There’s always been a connection between Rush and Foo Fighters, with Dave Grohl citing the Geddy Lee-fronted band as an inspiration many times across his career, maintaining that their 1976 track ‘2112’ changed his life for the better. Rush also reciprocated this sentiment, with Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson performing live with Grohl at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert in London.

In April 2022, when appearing for an interview with the Toronto-based radio show House of Strombo alongside Lifeson, Lee reflected on Hawkins’ death, describing it as “heartbreaking — just heartbreaking”.

“That really broke my heart, his passing,” he continued. “[He was] so full of file. I remember when he presented the [Rock And Roll] Hall Of Fame award to us in 2013 and we came up on stage, he was literally jumping up and down like a two-year-old — he was jumping up and down, he was so happy — and that was him. He was so full of admiration and rock and roll joy juice. And it just seems wrong that he left us.”

Clearly, Geddy Lee understands Foo Fighters deeply. In fact, he once revealed the title of his favourite Foo Fighters album to fans. When speaking to Jam!Showbiz in 2001, Lee picked out 1999’s There Is Nothing Left to Lose as his favourite by Dave Grohl’s band, simply saying: “That is a great piece of work.”

One of the most well-received Foo Fighters records, their third studio album boasts singles such as ‘Learn to Fly’, ‘Stacked Actors’ and ‘Breakout’, and is credited with marking the start of a new chapter for the band. After all, it was the first to feature Taylor Hawkins and has a more melodic, experimental, and ultimately softer sound than their previous two efforts. Grohl himself has disclosed that it might be his “favourite album that (they’ve) ever done”.

Explaining the significance behind There Is Nothing Left to Lose, Grohl said in 2006: “It was all about just settling into the next phase of your life, that place where you can sit back and relax because there had been so much crazy shit in the past three years. At that point it was me, Taylor and Nate and we were best friends. It was one of the most relaxing times of my whole life. All we did was eat chili, drink beer and whiskey and record whenever we felt like it. When I listen to that record it totally brings me back to that basement. I remember how it smelled and how it was in the Spring so the windows were open and we’d do vocals until you could hear the birds through the microphone. And more than any other record I’ve ever done, that album does that to me.”

Nancy Wilson recently paid tribute to Foo Fighters icon Taylor Hawkins, remembering his sweet soul and selflessness when it came to appreciating his fans via Instagram.

It’s been a year since the rock scene mourned Hawkins’ loss, as the drummer left bittersweet memories and a celebrated legacy behind. So, Wilson wanted to remember the late rocker around the anniversary of his passing, revealing his selfless act when Taylor decided to celebrate a then-serving soldier.

The guitarist recalled how Hawkins didn’t hesitate to thank one of her stepdaughter’s friends, a serviceman on active duty. At the time, Foo Fighters and Heart were taking the stage together for the Letterman show, and the drummer made sure that he wrote the ‘thank you‘ note before the gig so that he wouldn’t forget.

Wilson shared Taylor’s picture holding the note, thanking the soldier, ‘Mr. Hutchinson,’ with a hand-drawn, thumps up on the paper while offering a sweet smile. Nancy remembered how caring Hawkins was, not hesitating to send a respectful nod at a fan on active duty, serving his country.

Nancy’s note on recalling Taylor and his selfless act when it came to thanking a soldier:

“As sweet as they come. Taylor did this for my stepdaughter Julia’s friend, who is a veteran now but was currently serving at the time. He made sure to do it before we performed with the Foo Fighters on the Letterman show. That’s just who he was. Miss you, Taylor.”

So, there’s no doubt that the drummer left bittersweet memories with anyone who knew him personally or professionally. Wilson was one of those rockers who paid homage to Hawkins by remembering his sweet soul and selflessness when it came to appreciating his fans and audience.